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The Prostate Cancer Risk Calculators – including the ‘future risk’ calculator

Risk Calculator 1 – the general health calculator is a starting point, looking at family history, age and any medical problems with urination.

Risk Calculator 2 – the PSA risk calculator looks at the levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in patient’s blood to help predict whether further investigation is required.

Risk calculator 3 predicts the chance of a positive sextant biopsy in a man who has never been screened; and also assesses the degree of aggressiveness.

Risk calculator 3 + DRE assessment predicts more accurately the chance of a positive sextant biopsy, compared to only assessing a patient’s PSA value (RC 2), but without the necessity of a TRUS. An additional feature is the prediction of a high grade or advanced prostate cancer.

Risk calculator 4 is used for men who have previously had PSA screening, but have either had no biopsy or one that was negative. It predicts the chance of a positive sextant biopsy and its degree of aggressiveness.

Risk calculator 4 + DRE provides additional information, without the necessity of a TRUS, for assessing men who have previously been screened, whether they have had a prior biopsy or not. It also predicts the chance of a positive outcome and whether that would be high grade or advanced.

Risk calculator 5 calculates the chance of having indolent prostate cancer which may not require immediate treatment.

Risk Calculator 6 is the latest in the series — it calculates a man’s future risk over the next four years, taking into account age, prostate-specific antigen, digital rectal examination, family history, prostate volume, and previous biopsy status.

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