Active surveillance and PRIAS project

Active Surveillance is designed to help preserve the quality of life in men during the early management of their condition.

PRIAS project

The PRIAS Project (Prostate Cancer Research International Active Surveillance) is an online protocol for doctors to follow with their patients. It is a European initiative but open to all. You can find out more information at

Profile of typical PRIAS patient

  • Histologically proven cancer of the prostate
  • Patient is fit for curative treatment
  • Clinical Stage T1C or T2
  • Adequate biopsy sampling
  • One or two biopsy cores invaded with prostate cancer
  • Gleason score of 3+3=6 or less
  • PSA density of less than 0.2
  • PSA-level at diagnosis of < 10ng/ml
  • Participants must be willing to attend the follow up visits

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